What is it?

The KairoGuard protects your new RFID enabled credit/debit cards from hackers & identity thieves by making your information invisible to hackers without batteries, charging or activation.

How does it work?

To ensure full protection your cards need to be fully wrapped in metal foil with no gaps or spaces. This is almost impossible to achieve. A typical wallet with metal shielding can only protect against low power reading devices, and only at certain angles.

KairoGuard switches on automatically when it senses the electromagnetic wave emitted by a RFID scanner. It responds to a signal strength a hundred times smaller than what your RFID enabled cards need. Vaultcard then creates a sophisticated electromagnetic jamming signal that blocks RFID readers. This principle is frequently use in military jamming systems.

How does it work?
What makes us special?
KairoGuard does not require any batteries or charge to work. It offers truly limitless performance and uses latest technologies to give you 24x7 protection.
Easy to use and highly durable
KairoGaurd is very easy to use. Just simply slide the cards in your wallet and that's it! Made from premium quality and highly durable materials, it is deigned and made to last long.
Fits in any wallet
Made with premium quality materials and keeeping in mind your convenience, KairoGuard fits in any wallet and purse of any shape and size, and protects your cards.
Protects your bank cards from RFID hacking
KairoGuard protects your sensitive information and hard-earned money from crowd hacking and falling into the wrong hands. With KairoGuard in your wallets, you can travel safely without any fear!
Am I at risk?
It's simple - if your card has the wi-fi symbol, your information is at risk. Popular cards with this symbol include american express, citi, mastercard & visa. We've made protecting your cards easy with the kairoguard. You don't need an expensive wallet or flimsy sleeve - just place two kairoguard cards in your existing wallet and your information is protected.
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